Summer in SF

  • Downtown SF
  • Palace of Fine Arts
  • Oakland Bay Bridge
  • Twin Peaks
  • Tikki Bar Drinks
  • La Vida Organic
  • More Floppy Drives
  • Altair
  • Something from Fallout
  • Comic Con Friends
  • Memento Mori
  • Downtown Church
  • Financial
  • Food Choices
  • de Young Museum View
  • Folsom Street Foundry

This summer, I had the privilege to spend two months in San Francisco. Spent most of my time in the office, but I did manage to get out and see things every now and then. Oh, and I also played No Man’s Sky. It really wasn’t such a bad game guys, chill your...


I Amsterdam

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  • boat_home
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  • I Amsterdam Touristy
  • is_it_tea_youre_looking_for
  • grachten_amsterdam
  • Huge Pancake
  • Resident Café Cat
  • Arcade Amsterdam
  • Party

I went for a quick spin around Amsterdam before Christmas. I swear to [insert God of choice here], that city’s got more cafés per square kilometer than any place I’ve been to before. Which was totally ok with me and my friend the Common Cold, who came to visit on...


This War of Mine

This War of Mine casts a light on civilian life in the time of war. You won’t be wielding AK-47s at waves of faceless enemy soldiers, like in other games. Instead, you’ll be spending your time looking for food and medicine. Every single resource you find and the way you...


Meerkatz Challenge – Level Design

For the last months I’ve been working on a nifty mobile game, featuring a herd of rather suicidal meerkats. Your goal is to steer the little guys safely through the hazardous terrain. My goal is to make the puzzles as challenging and as fun as I can. Level designing for...


Balkan Chiptunes

Ganz coole playlist von Marin Dormin, mit klassischen Balkan Songs in 8 bit. Persönlicher Favorit: Dunavsko Horo. Super auch für Spiele!


“Bitch, make me a sandwich!”

This article is dedicated to the trolls, the assholes and the griefers of multiplayer games. To those who call me a bitch no matter if I just headshot them or if I’m having a bad round. I’ve listened to your bullshit for years, all the way through Quake III, CS...


Impact – Prototype

Impact - Prototype

This project was originally supposed to be a playground for Unity tutorials and experiments. It was a simple shooter when I had the idea of adding an additional element to it: The menacing, spinning planet, relentlessly drawing nearer to the player. Traditionally, the only consequence the player has if he...