This War of Mine casts a light on civilian life in the time of war. You won’t be wielding AK-47s at waves of faceless enemy soldiers, like in other games. Instead, you’ll be spending your time looking for food and medicine. Every single resource you find and the way you use it can be crucial for your survival. You’re facing gut-wrenching decisions every day.

I once stole some food from an elderly couple’s house. I broke in at night and ran into them while they were merrily sitting in their living room. They were friendly, asked me if they could help, whether I was looking for something. As soon as I started emptying their fridge, the old man tried to reason with me. Those three slices of meat and the cans were all they had left. “Well, tough luck”, I thought. “My group needs this too!”.
And with that I proceeded to empty out their cupboards of every single valuable I could find. We’d trade the stuff we couldn’t use later. My backpack was full of loot as I left their house in the early morning hours.
Weeks later, I went back looking for more. Absolute silence. I found the two lying side by side in their bed. They were both dead.


Dire Consequences

Moments like this one define This war of Mine. The game offers you small hints at what’s going on in the heads of your survivors. There are actual consequences for your actions. In my case, only two out of my group of six managed to see the end of the war.